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HyperSphere HS-5k

  • the most cost-effective continuous surveillance system
  • imaged data available in real time
  • proprietary innovative autonomous MALE UAV airship
  • UAV endurance: up to four days
  • payload capacity: 100 kg
  • ITAR-free technology
  • complete turn-key solution
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About the system

The Hypersphere HS-5k system for continuous surveillance represents a disruptive innovation for two major fast- growing industries - unmanned aerial vehicles and remote sensing.

With per-flight-hour expenses ten to fifteen times lower than other unmanned systems in the same class, the HS-5k system enables a considerable increase in profitability of the use of the unmanned aerial systems in public and commercial domains, as well as a significant market application expansion.

Furthermore, in the remote sensing industry the price per square kilometre for a very high resolution image (e.g. 20 cm/px) is more than 200 times higher than the production expense of the equivalent remote sensing date obtained through the HS-5k system.

Numerous other conceptual, technical and business advantages give this product an edge over existing solutions in the aforementioned industries.

The Hypersphere HS-5k system for continuous surveillance is comprised of a MALE UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle with extended endurance (24 to 100 hours of continuous flight, depending on the environmental conditions), and of the communication and ground infrastructure required for providing the field information in real time. The HS-5k system supports a wide variety of continuous surveillance missions, and is at the same time less expensive to use than any existing equivalent solution, based either on unmanned or manned aircrafts, or just on the ground surveillance infrastructure.

In short, HS-5k currently provides the best continuous surveillance service in the world.